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Transport Management System

The Transport Management System (TMS) is Schaeffler's future system for optimizing transport requirements, ordering, executing, and monitoring all transports in the Schaeffler network, and automating billing and auditing of associated freight costs. The TMS@Schaeffler is a global program which helps Schaeffler to better manage and control the physical flows, to gain transparency over all transports and related costs and support Schaeffler to move forward to a full digital supply chain. For our suppliers the TMS provides a supplier web application where each supplier sees the actual demands and can confirm the transport demands which are ready for pick-up. The communication to logistic service providers is also done by the TMS under the supervision of Schaeffler.

Onboarding of suppliers

The onboarding of one supplier proceeds in four steps:

  1. Information letter
  2. Registration & settings on the TMS web application
  3. Training and Q&A session
  4. Daily operation

You will be contacted directly by Schaeffler with details about the onboarding procedure. All registration details and timelines will be communicated via e-mail.

Online training for suppliers

Schaeffler provides an online training for the supplier, which can be executed any time and is currently available in English. This web-based training can be used at any time as a reference in case of unclarities. The training documentation includes additional information such as tips & tricks and a list of abbreviations. General and frequently asked questions will be documented and available in TMS Q&A.


In case of any questions please get in contact with:

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